Who founded Facebook?

Social Networking Master Quiz

It's a quiz for Socal Net working service everyone is using frequently. How far do you know about facebook?

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Which movie did Angelina Jolie play in?

Angelina Jolie master level

Actress and humanitarian. Very beautiful cool woman.Angelina Jolie master level

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Who is the first citizen of USA to be canonised?

Secret of USA Master Quiz

How many questions do you understand? Secret of USA Master Quiz

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Who modeled for Statue of Liberty sculptor Frederic Bartholdi?

Statue of Liberty Mater Quiz

a statue at the entrance to New York Harbor, a symbol of welcome to immigrants. Mater Quiz

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What was Harrison's credited first movie?

Harrison Ford Master Quiz

Everyone loves Harrison Ford Master Quiz.

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The first planet to be found with a telescope was?

Master Space Science Quiz

Learn Master Space Science with quizzes 

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Who discovered the circulation of blood?

Master Level Science Quiz

Let's try Master Level Science Quiz

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Plants receive their nutrients, mainly from?

Science Quiz Master Level

Let's gain knowledge of science

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Maryland was founded as a haven for

US History Master

The United state of America is one of the greatest and most powerful countries in the world. What do you think you know about this country?

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